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-2015 06 10 1433939216 952139 Nash Eliane Thumb
Illustration by Eliane Gerrits

Translated from NRC Handelsblad.

Unfortunately, genius often has a dark side. In the university town of Princeton, NJ, where smart people gather like exotic butterflies, no one thinks twice about it. Recently I was seated at a long dinner next to a mathematician who for the entire evening spoke not a word to me, avoided looking at me, and ate not a single bite of the dinner served. Then, as he left, he courteously bowed to me and thanked me for a wonderful evening.

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Swatting, but not at flies

Huffington Post

-2015 05 05 1430845650 3645737 Swatting Eliane Thumb
Illustration by Eliane Gerrits

Last week our local elementary school received a disturbing phone call. In a pre-recorded voice, the speaker said that he was armed and preparing to attack the school.

The local SWAT team was on the scene almost before the call ended. In Holland, we have SWAT teams, too — Special Weapons and Tactics — but they are more familiar here, thanks to Ferguson and now Baltimore. Soon they were swarming around the school — squads of men in military fatigues, black helmets, goggles, radios, and carrying rifles and assault weapons. Over the loudspeaker crackled the command: Shelter-in-Place! Within seconds, the kids were carrying out what they had learned in many safety drills. They stood with their backs against the outside walls, out of sight from the windows. Teachers closed the doors and windows and shut off the lights. The school looked empty.

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-Princeton Magazine Mayjune Issue Cover
Photography by Benoit Cortet

Princeton Magazine Mayjune Issue CoverRegular readers of Princeton Magazine will recognize Pia de Jong from a feature story that ran in 2013 shortly after the Dutch novelist and her family moved from Amsterdam to Princeton for her husband Robbert Dijkgraaf to take up his appointment as director of the Institute for Advanced Study. The focus of that first article was Robbert Dijkgraaf. This time around, it’s all Pia. 

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Black Ice

Huffington Post/NRC Handlesblad

-2015 02 05 Black Ice Eliane Thumb
Illustration by Eliane Gerrits

The predicted Snowmaggedon of 2015 never arrived in Princeton, but that does not matter much to me when I find myself sprawling face-down on the parking-lot concrete next to my car. I never even saw the black ice. I just screamed and tasted blood in my mouth after I hit the ground. My whole body hurts.

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