A Sense of Where You Are

US 1 Newspaper, February 14, 2018

-Bradley Eliane

        When I walk into the radio studio on the 36th floor of an apartment building in Manhattan for an interview, I suddenly arrive in the middle of a rehearsing hip-hip band. The boys turn and spin on their bright red sneakers, their teeth sparkling with gold. The girls are dressed like they are heading for a nightclub in their stiletto heels and glittering nails. And who else but the radio broadcaster Howard Stern is there warming up for a show?  Standing calmly in the middle of this Breugelian scene is my unlikely host, a tallish older man in a knitted V-neck sweater and decent, laced-up shoes. A throwback from another time. He is Bill Bradley, the 74-year-old former Princeton basketball player, Rhodes Scholar, pro basketball player, U.S. Senator from New Jersey, and onetime Presidential candidate. He shakes my hand, slightly shyly, with one eyebrow arched.

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